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If you are looking to avoid a Speeding Ticket Fine, and the dreaded Mobile Speed Camera Flash, you have come to the right place. We have a number of Speed Camera Detectors available, including the Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX80, Drivesmart Alpha, and Cheetah C550 .

What is the Best Speed Camera Detector ?

If you need help looking for the Best Speed Camera Detector, take a look at our comparison chart. It shows all the different features for all of the Radar And Laser Detectors we sell. You can also browse our archive of Speed Camera Detector Reviews, which give our honest and impartial assessment of the Laser and Radar Detectors we sell. Laser Jammer Reviews are also included.

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Aguri DX2000 Speed Camera Detector Display
Aguri DX2000 GPS Speed Camera Detector / Dash Cam Built In WiFi

Aguri’s ultimate GPS, speed camera detector with built in live laser and radar detection. The DX2000 also functions as a fully fledged high definition dash cam which updates wirelessly using your Android Smart Phone or Apple iPhone. The HD dash cam has been designed and built specifically for the United Kingdom and Europe, so will be the perfect companion when driving home and abroad.

The DX2000 not only detects, in real time, when a mobile laser or fixed radar camera is in operation, it also works from a comprehensive GPS Speed Camera database which gives you advanced warning of thousands of commonly used speed traps.

No subscription charges or download fees.

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Aguri Skyway GTX50 / 60 / 70 / 80 In Car Power Lead
Aguri Skyway GTX 50 / 60 / 70 / 80/ In Car Power Lead

This power lead is made for the Aguri Skyway.  The lead will give you 12v of power from your cigarette light socket with which to power your Skyway unit.  The lead is 2m long which should give you plenty of length to allow you to position your unit in a suitable position on your dashboard.

Product Code:AGSSLEAD
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Aguri GTX-50 GPS Speed Camera Detector. FREE Speed Trap Updates
Aguri Skyway GTX-50 Radar, Laser & GPS Speed Camera Detector

No more speeding tickets with FREE speed trap updates for life.

The new performance standard in speed trap detection complete with FREE speed trap updates for life. Skyway GTX50 comes preloaded with our latest speed trap database, so you can start using it straight out of the box. Our most advanced GPS speed trap detection technology combined with outstanding radar and laser performance designed specifically for European use. Drive trouble free, no subscription charges and no download fees.

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Aguri Skyway GTX50 / 60 Hardwire Lead
Aguri Skyway GTX50 / 60 / 70 / 80 Hardwire Power Lead

Hardwire lead for the Aguri Skyway.  This hardwire lead is 2m in length and will allow you to power your unit from a 12v power source behind your dashboard meaning no messy wires trailing all over your dashboard.

Product Code:AGSHLEAD
Product Condition:New
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Aguri Skyway GTX50 / 60 / 70 / 80 Windscreen Mount
Aguri Skyway GTX50 / 60 / 70 / 80 Windscreen Mount

You may want to use your Aguri Skyway in 2 vehicles in which case a 2nd wiondscreen mount would be required to make car sharing even sompler. The windscreen mount adheres to the screen via 2 suction cups, then simply fix your Aguri Skyway in to place, plug in the power lead and you are ready to go.

Product Code:AGSWCLIP
Product Condition:New
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Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX80 with Bluetooth
Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX80 With Built In Bluetooth


No more penalty points or expensive speeding fines with the Skyway Pro Plus GTX80 GPS Laser & Radar speed camera detector.

UK drivers are currently being fined every 2.5 seconds, with some roads catching 500 motorists every single month ! Its a racket and the odds are not stacked in your favour. Until now.

The Skyway Pro Plus GTX80, with wireless Bluetooth updates, is here to save your licence. Every unit comes with the latest speed camera database preloaded, and is ready to use out of the box. It also has built in Laser and Radar live detectors, which work as an extra layer of protection and compliment the GPS alerts perfectly.

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Aguri Speed Vision DX20 Speed Camera Detector / Full HD Dash Camera
Aguri Speed Vision DX20 Full HD Dash Camera

No More speeding tickets. No more nasty surprises. Full HD Dash Camera.

Full HD Dash Camera recording of the road ahead plus FREE built-in speed trap detection with no subscription charges and no download fees. Protect your license and your no claims bonus with the Aguri Speed Vision DX20 DVR and GPS speed trap detector, incorporating a full colour 2” LCD, 8GB Micro SD card, GPS track recorder and Full HD video recorder. Speed Vision DX20 will record everything in front of you whilst protecting your license for complete peace of mind.

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AL Priority Spare Head
AL Priority Spare Sensor Head

The AL Priority Laser Jammer Spare Sensor Head is fitted to the AL Priority to give you additional coverage.

What’s In The Box:

  • Laser Sensor
  • Sensor Cable
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Installation Accessories
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AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer
AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer

The AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer is one of the most versatile, and powerful, Laser Jammer / parking sensors on the market. It is fully programmable and can be updated easily using an internet connection. This means you can amend the AL Priority functions at any time to suit your requirements.

It is primarily used as a fully functional speed camera Jammer / laser parking sensor, so you can use it for both of these tasks. If you are targeted by a mobile (laser based) speed camera, the AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer will return an inconclusive signal. This gives you about 5 seconds, before the speed gun is re calibrated, to get your speed down.

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Cheetah C550 Speed Camera Detector
Cheetah C550 GPS Speed Camera Detector

The Cheetah C550 uses, possibly, the best GPS Speed Camera Detection database available today. The Internationally acclaimed Trinity 3 Speed Camera Database is in a class of it’s own, alerting you to the presence of all the different types of Speed Cameras. This includes Fixed Radar, Mobile Laser and SPECS Average Speed Cameras.

If you would like some additional information regarding the Cheetah C550, please take a look at our Cheetah C550 Review.

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Drivesmart Alpha Speed Camera Detector
Drivesmart Alpha GPS Radar & Laser Detector

RRP £129.95, Saving you £50.00.

Includes Over 20,000 EU Speed Camera Locations.

The Drivesmart Alpha GPS Radar & Laser Detector is the product of over 10 years industry knowledge and experience. It combines a huge, wordwide, constantly updated, speed camera database along with Live Radar and Laser detection.

No More False Speed Camera Alerts.

The Drivesmart Alpha is the only Speed Camera Detector available on the market that filters out all False Fixed Radar Camera Alerts. If you live in a built up area, this function will be very helpful to you. Supermarket sliding doors, hospital doors and some traffic lights will no longer trigger an annoying false alert.

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Drivesmart Alpha X Display
Drivesmart Alpha X Speed Trap Detector


Following the runaway success of the Drivesmart Alpha, the brand new Alpha X has been released as Drivesmart’s latest Speed Trap Detector.

Keeping all of the best features of it’s predecessor, the Alpha X improves the experience by adding a beautiful OLED blue-tone display and further refined radar false alert filtering.

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