Aguri Skyway GTX90 Customer Review

Below you will find a product review from one of our customers. This is unedited and exactly as it was emailed to us. If you would like to review one of the products we sell, do not hesitate to contact us. On sunny days, the unit felt very hot while it was sitting on the dashboard. I was concerned about this so any time I stopped I removed the unit from the dashboard and stored it in the glovebox. The … Read More

What Is GPS ?

And how does GPS work for detecting Speed Traps ? So how is GPS used for Speed Camera Detection ? How does Live Detection differ from GPS Speed Trap Detection ? How often should I update my GPS Speed Camera Detector ? Speed camera databases are updated regularly, but the frequency of the updates will always depend on the manufacturer of the speed camera detector. We recommend updating at least once a month, depending on your mileage. If you drive … Read More

Drivesmart Alpha X Review 2021

What Is The Drivesmart Alpha X ? The Drivesmart Alpha X is Drivesmart’s latest GPS Speed Camera Detector and is easily their most popular to date. The Alpha X includes live radar and laser detection which sits atop the comprehensive, and regularly updated GPS Database. It also improves upon the previous Alpha models sophisticated Radar False Alert Filtering, and now includes filtering of vehicles that use Collision Detection and Lane Guidance. Kit Contents 1 x Drivesmart Alpha X 1 x … Read More

What Are Smart Motorways ?

Smart Motorways are a divisive, even controversial issue, but they’re here to stay. With that in mind, we have put this little guide together to help you figure out What Are Smart Motorways and How Do They Work ? Highways England announced in October 2019 that an additional 300 miles of smart motorway without hard shoulders will be built across England by 2025, therefore it’s critical that drivers and riders learn how to use them. Drivers understandably have many questions … Read More

Town Halls To ‘Milk Drivers With Speed Fines’

If authorities are allowed to collect speeding fines, protesters claim that motorists will be exploited as cash cows.Town halls are attempting to gain authority over 20 and 30 mph zones, claiming that a lack of traffic cops makes roadways hazardous, putting citizens at risk. London Councils, an organisation that represents the capital’s 32 boroughs, has proposed the measures. The highest penalties for council infringements, currently £130, is insufficient, according to the suggestions, and would need to be increased. ‘Residents would … Read More

Aguri Instruction Manuals

For Your Aguri Speed Camera Detector. Browse our list of Instruction Manuals for Aguri Speed Camera Detectors. Including the Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX80 and the Aguri DX2000.  

Drivesmart Instruction Manuals

Drivesmart User Manual Library Find the correct User Manual for Drivesmart Speed Camera Detectors. Including the Drivesmart Alpha X and the Drivesmart Alpha.

Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Review

Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Review Kit Contents: 1 x Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 1x Windscreen Mount 1 x In-Car Cigar Lighter Charging Lead 1 x Mini USB Update Cable 1 x Hardwire Lead 1 x Aguri Skyway Pro Plus User Manual 1 x Aguri Contact Us Card What Is The Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 ? The GTX 80 is the latest speed camera detection offering from Aguri. As things stand, it is one of … Read More

Aguri Skyway GTX50 Review

What Is The Aguri Skyway GTX50 The Aguri Skyway GTX50 is a GPS Speed Camera Detector with integrated live radar and mobile laser detection. It comes with a free lifetime speed camera subscription, amber coloured OLED graphic display and is ready to use out of the box. It is powered by an in-car power lead that plugs into your cigar lighter socket. You also get a hard-wire lead in the box free of charge, if you prefer that route. Overall … Read More

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