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Snooper My Speed XL Review

What Is The Snooper My Speed XL ?

The Snooper My Speed XL is a GPS Speed Camera Detector. It’s unique selling point is it’s speed monitoring display. When you are driving, the screen shows the speed limit of the road and the speed you are doing, next to each other. This is very helpful if you are driving unfamiliar roads or out in the countryside, where speed limit signs are sometimes few and far between. In theory, it helps you keep your vehicle at a legal speed.

Why Do You Need The Snooper My Speed XL ?

Snooper is a company that has been specialising in Speed Camera Detectors for many years. Because of this, their products are generally well designed and thought out. The My Speed series is no exception and has been around for a while now, proving very popular with our customers.

Snooper Speed Camera Detectors come with the AURA database built in. This Speed Camera Database has been developed over many years, and is comprehensive with it’s Speed Camera entries. To their credit, Snooper have stopped charging a subscription to this database, so once you have purchased the Snooper My Speed XL, there are no other charges.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, the speed monitoring feature is extremely helpful. Especially when you are driving unfamiliar roads or out in the countryside.

Overall Performance

The performance of the Snooper My Speed XL is rock solid, as you would expect from any Snooper Speed Camera Detector. It locked onto the satellites straight away and the speed camera database notified me of all of the camera locations. There were a couple of locations that no longer had cameras however, which was a little frustrating and some of the road speed limits were either out of date or just incorrect. 90% of the time, they were correct though.

Snooper My Speed XL
Snooper My Speed XL


In conclusion, The Snooper My Speed XL comes in with a solid 4 star rating. The unit is robust, well designed and has a lovely big screen. A welcome change to all of the smaller screens you get these days. The only downside was the slightly out of date database, and the lack of live detection. If you can live with this, the My Speed XL is a great choice and at £99.95 very attractively priced.

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