Laser Elite Worldwide Laser Jammer
Laser Elite Worldwide Speed Camera Jammer

The Most Reliable Speed Camera Jammer To Use Around The World. The Laser Elite Speed Camera Jammer, is the successor to the old Laser Star model. It now comes with 4 sensor head ports, to give you the option for … Read More

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Laser Star Pro Speed Camera Jammer
Laser Star Pro Speed Camera Jammer

The Laser Star Pro uses very fast microchip technology and a Class 1 laser diode to send back a signal at the same frequency as the Laser Speed Camera (904nm). It is also sent back at the same pulse rate which confuses the Laser Speed Gun into returning an inconclusive speed reading. This will give you a window of about 5 seconds, before the speed gun is re-calibrated, to get your speed back down. At this point, the Laser Star Pro turns off to allow a 2nd reading, which will return a legal speed reading.

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