Aguri Speed Vision DX20 Speed Camera Detector / Full HD Dash Camera
Aguri Speed Vision DX20 Full HD Dash Camera

No More speeding tickets. No more nasty surprises. Full HD Dash Camera.

Full HD Dash Camera recording of the road ahead plus FREE built-in speed trap detection with no subscription charges and no download fees. Protect your license and your no claims bonus with the Aguri Speed Vision DX20 DVR and GPS speed trap detector, incorporating a full colour 2” LCD, 8GB Micro SD card, GPS track recorder and Full HD video recorder. Speed Vision DX20 will record everything in front of you whilst protecting your license for complete peace of mind.

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Drivesmart Elite 2 Speed Camera Detector And Dash Cam
Drivesmart Elite 2 Dual Speed Camera Detector & Dash Cam

For anyone looking to avoid a speeding ticket, protect their driving license and record their car journey, the Drivesmart Elite 2 is the perfect product.

The Drivesmart Elite 2 is actually 4 products in 1, integrating Speed Camera Detection, Live Laser Camera Detection, Live Radar Camera Detection and a fully functional Front & Rear Dash Camera.

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Drivesmart Pro HD Speed Camera Detector / Dash Cam Hybrid
Drivesmart Pro HD Speed Camera Detector & Dash Cam

The Drivesmart Pro HD is the 3rd product in the highly successful Drivesmart Speed Camera Detector range. It brings together the comprehensive Drivesmart Speed Camera database and a 1920 x 1080, full HD Dash Camera.

The Drivesmart Pro HD is primarily a Speed Camera Detector, using the same technology, and Laser Elite Database, as the Drivesmart Alpha and the Drivesmart Pro. This makes it a superior unit to a lot of other Speed Camera Detector / Dash Cam Hybrids that take a HD camera and attach a substandard, incomplete 3rd party Speed Camera database.

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