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Laser Star Pro Full Review

What Is The Laser Star Pro ?

The Laser Star Pro is a Mobile Laser Speed Camera Jammer and Laser Parking Sensor. It comes with a single head, with the option to fit 4 additional heads, that are mounted externally. The primary head needs to be fitted front and center of the vehicle, around the number plate area.

How Do Laser Jammers Work ?

Laser Jammers work by detecting the signal fired from a Mobile Laser Speed Gun, usually at 904nm. The Laser Jammer then sends back a light signal at the same wavelength, but at an increased intensity. This has the effect of confusing the Mobile Laser Speed Gun into returning a zero reading.

This gives the driver about 5 seconds, window of opportunity, to decrease driving speed before the Mobile Laser is re-calibrated and another shot is taken.

Laser Star Pro Speed Camera Jammer
Laser Star Pro Speed Camera Jammer

Why do you need the Laser Star Pro ?

Our customers often purchase the Laser Star Pro, or Laser Elite, as last resort to guard them against Mobile Cameras And Speed Traps. Or to work alongside a more traditional GPS Speed Camera Detector, to give them more complete protection.


Overall Performance

The Laser Star Pro has one job, and it does it very well. Once fitted, they very rarely fail and the customer return rate is extremely low. One of the lowest of all the products we sell. For additional peace of mind, you can purchase it with a Laser Tester though.


Are Laser Jammers Legal In The UK ?

Yes and no. It is perfectly legal to own, sell, buy and fit Laser Jammers in the UK. However, it is illegal to use them for the purpose of jamming laser speed cameras. Luckily, they can be used as a parking sensor, so bear this in mind.



Great product. Do your research before making a purchase though.