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Drivesmart Elite 2 Full Review

What is the Drivesmart Elite 2 ?

The Drivesmart Elite 2 is a high end Speed Camera Detector / Dash Camera hybrid system. It comes with a comprehensive GPS speed camera database, including live detection of all mobile cameras and limited live detection of fixed cameras. The standard unit comes with a 1296p, extra wide angle, front facing dash camera which records in a continuous loop while you drive. In the event of an accident, or sudden vehicle movement, the on-board G-Sensor saves 1 minute previous to the accident and 1 minute after. This section of video is then stored as a video file, and the Drivesmart Elite 2 continues it’s loop recording. You have the option to upgrade to front and rear facing cameras. The optional rear camera records at 480p.

Why do you need the Drivesmart Elite 2 ?

If you drive any kind of vehicle, the reasons for needing a speed camera detector should be obvious. Speed cameras are absolutely everywhere and fines can be extremely expensive, sometimes exceeding the cost of a speed camera detector ! When you throw licence points into the mix, a speeding ticket is a major headache you need to avoid.

Dash Cameras are a great way prove your innocence in the event of an accident. There have been a number of cases recently of fraudulent accident claims, people throwing themselves onto the bonnet of slow moving vehicles etc, in order to claim against the drivers insurance. If the idea of fraudulent accident claims keeps you awake at night, a dashcam is an essential tool in the utility belt.

Drivesmart Elite 2 Speed Camera Detector And Dash Cam
Drivesmart Elite 2 Speed Camera Detector And Dash Cam

Overall Performance

During testing, the Drivesmart Elite 2 performed well. It fired up and locked to the satellites quickly. The menu screen is easy to use and the options are comprehensive. Speed camera detection was pretty flawless and on my journey I felt relaxed knowing it was in the car.

Video was clear and crisp. Even in early evening twilight it was still clear enough to read the vehicles numberplate in front of me.

Updating the speed camera database was not too taxing. Downloading the database update from the Drivesmart website was easy. I transferred this to the sd card, put this back in the Drivesmart and the database updated.


In conclusion, I believe the Drivesmart Elite 2 earns its reputation as a high end Speed Camera Detector / Dash Cam hybrid. The product just works ! Build quality is solid (as you would expect from Drivesmart) and it did everything it was supposed to. The only negative is the lower resolution on the optional rear camera, but it is not enough to put me off. A very capable system.

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