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Drivesmart Alpha Review

What is the Drivesmart Alpha ?

Welcome to our Drivesmart Alpha Review. The Drivesmart Alpha is a GPS Speed Camera Detector with built in live radar and laser detection. It’s unique selling point is it’s ability to filter false radar alerts. You normally get these from supermarket sliding doors, hospitals, traffic lights, airports etc. If you have used live radar detection in the past, you will recognise this as a major benefit.

Why do you need the Drivesmart Alpha ?

As with all Speed Camera Detectors, you need the Drivesmart Alpha because it will drastically lower your chances of getting a speeding ticket. As previously mentioned in our Drivesmart Alpha Review, the Drivesmart Alpha has a radar false alert filter. So if you live in a built up area, this is a must have function. The other advantage of this, is that it will expose the radar cameras that are not in operation and just for show.

The GPS Speed Camera Database is comprehensive, and totally free, which is a nice touch.

Overall Performance

Generally speaking, Drivesmart products are very well made. The Drivesmart Alpha is true to form. It feels rugged and hard wearing and locks to satellites quickly and without error. Updating the database was fast and easy, although less tech savvy customers might want to view the tutorial video on our website. The speed camera database is comprehensive and had no problems with any of the speed camera locations on my commute. The live laser detector picked up the one fixed camera on my journey, so I assume this works as it should. I didn’t get any false alerts either which is a good sign. The live laser detector did not issue any alerts, but I didn’t drive past any mobile cameras, so it is to be expected.


If you are looking for a good, all round, Speed Camera Detector, the Drivesmart Alpha is an excellent place to start. Combining ease of use with excellent performance, it definitely earns it’s 5 star rating. The single negative I could find, is the in car power connector. For reasons unknown, Drivesmart have chosen to go with RJ-9 instead of mini or micro USB. However, this is a minor inconvenience and does not take away any of the shine on this fantastic Speed Camera Detector.

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