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Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Review

Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Review

Kit Contents:

1 x Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80

1x Windscreen Mount

1 x In-Car Cigar Lighter Charging Lead

1 x Mini USB Update Cable

1 x Hardwire Lead

1 x Aguri Skyway Pro Plus User Manual

1 x Aguri Contact Us Card

What Is The Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 ?

The GTX 80 is the latest speed camera detection offering from Aguri. As things stand, it is one of the most advanced speed camera detectors on the market which includes live radar and laser detection (all bands), and a comprehensive GPS speed camera database. Crucially, it also enables updates to be downloaded via your smartphone, freeing you from the tedium of connecting it to your PC or Laptop.

Why Do You Need The Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 ?

During our Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Review, it became crystal clear that Aguri has built on it’s reputation for solid, dependable hardware and added ease of use for less tech savvy customers. Bluetooth updates are not an Aguri innovation, but they are certainly the only company (we know of) that offer this feature in addition to free speed camera database updates. For this, Aguri should be heartily commended for putting their customer base ahead of their profit margin.

If you are someone that is fed up with updating their speed camera detector through their PC, this is definitely the system for you. You will need a smartphone of course, but chances are you have one.

The design and form factor of the Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 is perfectly suited for mounting on your vehicles dash board. Sleek and discreet, it mounts front and center, to help keep you from getting a speeding ticket.

aguri skyway pro plus gtx 80 review
Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80

Key Features Of The Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80

1. Aguri’s speed camera database comes pre-installed to the GTX-80, which means you will be able to plug the unit in to your cars cigar lighter socket, and you are ready to go.

2. The Aguri Speedsheild Speed Trap database covers the UK, Ireland, and all of Europe. Its is also free of charge and updated regularly.

3. The live radar and laser alerts will detect up to 2500m. However, most live detectors will detect from up to a mile away these days, and it is always dependant on the bends in the road anyway. So a neat feature, but nothing worth shouting about.

4. Aguri’s new live radar smart filter takes the live radar alerts and cross references them against locations listed on the speed camera database. This has the effect of filtering out false radar alerts from places like supermarkets and traffic lights etc. While not an Aguri innovation, it is a welcome addition to the features list of the Aguri GTX range. It also enables you to locate any fixed speed cameras that are not operational, but have been left standing as a deterrent.

5. Bluetooth speed camera updates via your smartphone enables you to completely bypass the update process using your PC. This will be a game changer for a lot of people that dread turning on their computer. The smart phone app, available from the google playstore and the app store, is easy to use and quick to set up. Once activated, you can just open the app on your phone and do a quick update in your car before your journey.

aguri skyway pro plus gtx 80 review
Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Display

Overall Performance

Like the previous speed camera detectors in the GTX range, the GTX 80 performed strongly in all three road tests. It didn’t miss a speed camera location and even alerted us to a live laser being used up ahead, albeit from a much shorter distance than advertised. This could have been down to a number of factors though.

The biggest change from previous models was the live radar filtering. On three separate occasions, not one false alert was recorded. A great improvement from the GTX 50, on which we had to disable the radar alerts altogether. We set the filter to option 2 – Medium Filtration, which appeared to be perfect for our area. You would want to make your own call on this though, depending on where you live.


Aguri appear to have hit the bullseye with the GTX-80. Everything about it projects quality, stability and innovation. The menus are smart and snappy, the vocal alerts are clear and concise and the database is rock solid. In terms of cost, at the time of writing, it is adequately positioned at £169.99. However, that is a discounted price down from £199.99, probably to gain sales traction so you might find it back up to £199.99 in the next few months.

Overall, a great improvement on an already good detector. Well worth your consideration.

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