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Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Review

Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Review

Kit Contents:

1 x Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80

1x Windscreen Mount

1 x In-Car Cigar Lighter Charging Lead

1 x Mini USB Update Cable

1 x Hardwire Lead

1 x Aguri Skyway Pro Plus User Manual

1 x Aguri Contact Us Card

What Is The Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 ?

The GTX 80 is the latest speed camera detection offering from Aguri. As things stand, it is one of the most advanced speed camera detectors on the market which includes live radar and laser detection (all bands), and a comprehensive GPS speed camera database. Crucially, it also enables updates to be downloaded via your smartphone, freeing you from the tedium of connecting it to your PC or Laptop.

Why Do You Need The Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 ?

During our Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Review, it became crystal clear that Aguri has built on it’s reputation for solid, dependable hardware and added ease of use for less tech savvy customers. Bluetooth updates are not an Aguri innovation, but they are certainly the only company (we know of) that offer this feature in addition to free speed camera database updates. For this, Aguri should be heartily commended for putting their customer base ahead of their profit margin.

If you are someone that is fed up with updating their speed camera detector through their PC, this is definitely the system for you. You will need a smartphone of course, but chances are you have one.

The design and form factor of the Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 is perfectly suited for mounting on your vehicles dash board. Sleek and discreet, it mounts front and center, to help keep you from getting a speeding ticket.

aguri skyway pro plus gtx 80 review
Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80

Key Features Of The Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80

1. Aguri’s speed camera database comes pre-installed to the GTX-80, which means you will be able to plug the unit in to your cars cigar lighter socket, and you are ready to go.

2. The Aguri Speedsheild Speed Trap database covers the UK, Ireland, and all of Europe. Its is also free of charge and updated regularly.

3. The live radar and laser alerts will detect up to 2500m. However, most live detectors will detect from up to a mile away these days, and it is always dependant on the bends in the road anyway. So a neat feature, but nothing worth shouting about.

4. Aguri’s new live radar smart filter takes the live radar alerts and cross references them against locations listed on the speed camera database. This has the effect of filtering out false radar alerts from places like supermarkets and traffic lights etc. While not an Aguri innovation, it is a welcome addition to the features list of the Aguri GTX range. It also enables you to locate any fixed speed cameras that are not operational, but have been left standing as a deterrent.

5. Bluetooth speed camera updates via your smartphone enables you to completely bypass the update process using your PC. This will be a game changer for a lot of people that dread turning on their computer. The smart phone app, available from the google playstore and the app store, is easy to use and quick to set up. Once activated, you can just open the app on your phone and do a quick update in your car before your journey.

aguri skyway pro plus gtx 80 review
Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX 80 Display

Overall Performance

Like the previous speed camera detectors in the GTX range, the GTX 80 performed strongly in all three road tests. It didn’t miss a speed camera location and even alerted us to a live laser being used up ahead, albeit from a much shorter distance than advertised. This could have been down to a number of factors though.

The biggest change from previous models was the live radar filtering. On three separate occasions, not one false alert was recorded. A great improvement from the GTX 50, on which we had to disable the radar alerts altogether. We set the filter to option 2 – Medium Filtration, which appeared to be perfect for our area. You would want to make your own call on this though, depending on where you live.


Aguri appear to have hit the bullseye with the GTX-80. Everything about it projects quality, stability and innovation. The menus are smart and snappy, the vocal alerts are clear and concise and the database is rock solid. In terms of cost, at the time of writing, it is adequately positioned at £169.99. However, that is a discounted price down from £199.99, probably to gain sales traction so you might find it back up to £199.99 in the next few months.

Overall, a great improvement on an already good detector. Well worth your consideration.


Aguri have discontinued their support for Bluetooth updates, due to issues with the updating software hosted on the Apple Store. The GTX-80 now needs to be updated via your computer, like all other models. We are in contact with Aguri, and if this feature is brought back, we will update the review.


19 Responses

  1. Peter Jackson
    | Reply

    Why would you recommend the Aguri GTX 80 rather than the Drivesmart Alpha X

    • gareth
      | Reply

      Hi Peter.

      Both units are very good (Alpha X Review will be published next week). They both come with comprehensive speed camera databases, both have internal live Radar and Laser detection. However, they have different Unique Selling Points.

      The Aguri Skyway, GTX-80 can be updated, via Bluetooth, using an app on your Android or Apple Mobile phone. This would be desirable for people that do not have a Windows laptop or PC. It is also helpful for customers that do not like applying updates via their computer.

      The Drivesmart Alpha-X Unique Selling Point is it’s very sophisticated false alert filtering function. This filters out false radar alerts from things like supermarket sliding doors. It has also been upgraded to filter out things like lane guidance and collision detection radar, found on more modern high end vehicles.

      With that in mind, it is a case of which unique selling point would serve you better. If you need any more advice, do not hesitate to get in touch on 01483 522 225, or reply to this message.

      Kind regards.


      • Paul
        | Reply

        Just sent my Alpha X back as updates dont seem to work false specs camera detection on mobile road works and had a police motor bike with tripod lazer pointing straight at me not a peep from the Alpha (had been flashed by other on coming traffic so was dead on 30 mph on Alpha read out so the police would take a reading). The smart filter is good as when it is on activates K KA band when in range of fixed speed traps letting you know if they are active cutting out any false signals.

        • gareth
          | Reply

          Hi Paul.

          The police only fire at people they suspect of exceeding the speed limit. So if you are driving at 30 mph, they will not fire. Regarding the SPECS, the camera locations are kept on the database to act as a heads up.

  2. John
    | Reply

    Does the GTX80 mount securely on the top of the dash, rather than with suction cups on the windscreen ?

    • gareth
      | Reply

      Hi John.

      The GTX80 does come with a dash mount, but it is just a square Velcro pad. Even though it’s pretty basic, the pad holds the GTX80 fast and also makes it easy to remove from the vehicle.

      I think they designed it with the dash mount in mind unfortunately.

  3. John
    | Reply

    OK thanks Gareth

  4. Dave Jones
    | Reply

    Hi, thanks for the review. Like Peter above I’m torn between the Alpha X and GTX80. Do these both give directional alerts and will the databases be updated for temp cameras within roadworks like specs etc? Have you had chance to use the Alpha X yet for a review? Thank you 👍

    • gareth
      | Reply

      Hi Dave.

      Both units are multi-directional. So you are alerted regardless of the side of the road the camera is on.

      I believe this is because of the confusion that arises when using directional alerts. Often, it is difficult to tell which way the cameras are facing, so drivers end up worrying unnecessarily thinking the unit has not alerted them correctly.

      The Alpha X review is on the way. We have just been rushed off our feet the last couple of months, so finding the time is proving difficult. I can contact you once we have done it, if you like ?

      The databases are updated at least once a month, so all temp cameras are always uploaded quickly.

  5. Dave Jones
    | Reply

    Thank you Gareth for the reply. Could I ask which one you’d buy? Not sure it makes a difference but I’ve got a 2019 Golf GTi with adaptive cruise control, Lane assist etc. Should this be a consideration when deciding? Thanks again.

    • gareth
      | Reply

      If your vehicle has Lane Assist and / or any form of Collision Detection, I would go for the Alpha-X. Lane Assist & Collision Detection use Radar technology, so will trigger false alerts. The Alpha-X is the only unit that will filter these false alerts.

  6. Steve sibson
    | Reply

    Your review and comment: Bluetooth updates are not an Aguri innovation, but they are certainly the only company (we know of) that offer this feature in addition to free speed camera database updates. For this, Aguri should be heartily commended for putting their customer base ahead of their profit margin.
    This is not the case I received the item today with a note in the box saying this is no longer an option! So if I new that I might not a percheed this item .I have contacted them today as its advertised on the box aswell.
    False advertising not good I await there reply if I’m not happy it’s going back so please alter your review because I did read that and I did like the bluetooth updates.

    • gareth
      | Reply

      Hi Steve.

      Apologies for the delay, I wanted to hear back from Aguri regarding this issue before I commented. You are indeed correct, Bluetooth updates have been discontinued. I have amended our review and product listing. I cannot find an order from you on our website, but if you did purchase it from us under a different name, I will be happy to refund you. Alternatively, you would need to contact the company you ordered from, if you decide you want to return the product.

      Thanks again for the heads up on this. Sadly, Aguri did not let us know this had happened, so we had no idea.

  7. Steve Sibson
    | Reply

    Hi I brought this from Aguri though amazon I will keep it anyway as I’m happy with it .

  8. Mike
    | Reply

    In addition, to the no bluetooth issue, Aguri do not have any working GTX-80 update software for MAC computers. They were thinking about it a year ago when I found out the download software for IMAC did not work.
    Only being able to update with a PC is surely a potential commercial disaster.
    I have tried to use VMFusion virtual machine (Windows) with my IMAC but the Aguri download fails.

    Luckily I currently do have a windows laptop so I was able to do an update – so I will be keeping the device.
    The biggest problem I had with the GTX-80 was screen reflections but have stuck on an “eyebrow” over the display using black Sugru moldable glue.

  9. Rob
    | Reply

    Hi guys, I cannot find the updater app on play store for the gtx80, all they list is navigation updater and cam updater…..help

    • gareth
      | Reply

      Hi Rob.

      It is probably the Cam updater, but give them a call. Aguri World can be reached on 0330 102 5578. Alternatively, they can be contacted via their website here.

  10. Mark Hutchinson
    | Reply

    i cant upgrade my GTX80, The computer always say wifi problem but i have fdull wifi, has anyone advice as ive contacted aguri and they say the servers down all the time, which is no help for me

    • gareth
      | Reply

      Hi Mark.

      I believe Aguri have had issues updating the GTX80 so they have been upgrading customers to the GTX90. It might be worth emailing them directly from their website.

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