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Aguri Skyway GTX90 Customer Review

Below you will find a product review from one of our customers. This is unedited and exactly as it was emailed to us. If you would like to review one of the products we sell, do not hesitate to contact us.

On startup, I found the unit reading 2mph lower than my actual speed. This was easily adjusted in the settings. While doing this, I noticed that the Multi-radar setting was off yet the manual showed this as on for the default so I switched it on.

For this review, I drove around my local town for a couple of months and did two longer trips - A3, M25, M1 (280 miles) and M27, A31, A30 (520 miles) and left the GTX90 in Smart mode.

Generally, the unit performed well. It warned about fixed speed cameras in plenty of time and warned about average speeds limits. On a couple of occasions, the unit displayed my average speed over the relevant distance however on other occasions my average speed wasn’t shown. I don’t know why this happened. Sometimes the unit warned about an average speed limit that didn’t exist, though it’s understandable that roadworks move/finish

The unit gave a lot of ‘ghost’ warnings, particularly for laser speed traps, where a speed trap wasn’t in operation however I was happy to be reminded that a speed trap might exist. Unfortunately, in the two months of using the GTX90, I didn’t come across a manned speed trap. I’ll let you know when I do.

On one occasion, while parked by several metal recycling bins, the unit was giving warnings that I can only presume were from my car’s parking/collision sensors.

This made me wonder if the occasional radar warning was given because I was driving near a vehicle with similar sensors or possibly getting a reflection of my car’s sensors. It’s maybe time I re-read the manual to see if there is a relevant setting.

On sunny days, the unit felt very hot while it was sitting on the dashboard. I was concerned about this so any time I stopped I removed the unit from the dashboard and stored it in the glovebox. The problem then is remembering to put the unit back on the dashboard before setting off.

A Windows computer is needed if you want to carry out a database update or change the unit’s settings more easily. It would be good if Aguri released a MacOS version of the Downloader programme.

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