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Aguri Skyway GTX50 Review

What Is The Aguri Skyway GTX50

The Aguri Skyway GTX50 is a GPS Speed Camera Detector with integrated live radar and mobile laser detection. It comes with a free lifetime speed camera subscription, amber coloured OLED graphic display and is ready to use out of the box.

It is powered by an in-car power lead that plugs into your cigar lighter socket. You also get a hard-wire lead in the box free of charge, if you prefer that route.

Why Do You Need The Aguri Skyway GTX50 ?

Aguri have created a name for themselves in the speed camera detection market for reliability and ease of use. Their products have very low failure rates and the build quality is absolutely rock solid.

They are also renowned for their European Speed Camera Database, which comes included free of charge. This is particularly important if you plan on doing any European driving. This is definitely the go-to Speed Camera Detector for that purpose.

The Speed Camera Database is completely free for the lifetime of the Aguri GTX50, so it is ready to use out of the box. Updates are quick and straightforward, and should be completed about once a month if you are a moderate driver.

Aguri GTX-50 GPS Speed Camera Detector Back View
Aguri GTX-50 GPS Speed Camera Detector Back View

Overall Performance

The Aguri GTX50 performed strongly in our tests, which was expected. The speed camera database was on the money for all three road journeys giving plenty of crystal clear advanced audible warnings. The live laser did not go off, but we did not go past any live mobile camera vans, so this was to be expected. We did test it using our laser tester though, and it worked as expected.

False radar alerts can be a bit of an issue however. This is not the fault of the unit, its just the nature of the game. If there is a radar signal being broadcast, the Aguri Skyway GTX50 will pick it up. We found that turning the live radar detection off, was actually beneficial. Radar cameras (in the UK) are always fixed, therefore, will always be listed on the Aguri Speed Camera Database, so you are not leaving yourself vulnerable.


The Aguri Skyway GTX50 comes very highly recommended. Its database is comprehensive and reliable. Its sleek design means it is actually a nice additional to your dashboard, as opposed to extra clutter.

Currently on offer at £99.95, it represents amazing value for money and there are no additional costs unless you want to pay an installer to hardwire it.

3 Responses

  1. Alan
    | Reply

    Is it worth buying the GTX60 instead of the GTX50?

    • gareth
      | Reply

      Hi Alan.

      In my view, not particularly.

      The GTX60 has a slightly longer detection range and it’s menu screen is a bit faster. Other than that, there isn’t really anything new going on.

      We actually stopped selling the GTX60 because we had trouble sourcing them from the supplier. So, you might have issues further down the line if your unit needs to be replaced for whatever reason.

      The GTX50 is essentially the same unit, with some superficial differences.

  2. john stafford
    | Reply

    I bought the aguri skyway gtx50 and have been using it for the last 2 months in and around the Luton area. It has picked up the Gatso, Truvelo, specs, yellow vulture, HADEC 2 & 3, speed spikes & Mobile speed camera zones all effectively. Well pleased. I also like the Gps indicated speed which is more accurate than my speedo. All in all well worth the money

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